Race Discs

FIA T1 class
  • R-Line 320x33mm race discs are designed specifically for FIA T1-class race use.
  • Designed for use with our (air-cooled) or (liquid-cooled) R-Line race calipers.
  • Cast from a proprietary cast iron alloy delivering exceptional disc life at high operating temps.
  • R-Line discs feature 68 x directional cooling vanes.
  • Air gap is 21mm wide to maximise cooling vane surface area.
  • Disc plate walls are 6mm thick which contributes to disc durability.
  • Mounting flanges are 8mm thick and designed to accept 12 x drive bobbins.
  • Air inlet geometry at the disc ID is optimised for correct air-flow.
  • R-Line discs feature our proprietary black surface coating.
  • R-Line discs feature Max Temp Recording (MTR) system that provides a permanent record of the peak operating temps reached by the disc.


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